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"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing."

PT. Pan Asia Jaya Abadi is a growing fabric and garment manufacturing company, supplying to major international and domestic brands. We produce printed and solid polyester fabric, and from the garment part shirts, blouses, casual pants, and casual dresses. Furthermore, PT. Pan Asia Jaya Abadi is striving to be an eco-friendly textile manufacturing factory contributing to greener environment.


  • - PT. Pan Asia Jaya Abadi was founded by Mr. Janto Hidjaja, he took over a well established textile manufacturing factory from his father, which started by his grandmother in 1973 with 1.5 million meters capacity of polyester woven fabric per month.

  • - Invested 10 sewing line of garment production
    - Change in the factory business strategy to international brand oriented
    - PT. Pan Asia Jaya Abadi become a bonded zone.

  • - Added more capacity to garment production to 18 sewing lines
    - PT Pan Asia Jaya Abadi keep increasing capacity until 3 millions meters of fabric per month.

  • - Increase garment factory production to 30 lines with 300.000 pcs monthly output.




Establishment Date 16th January of 2011

Main Products:
Polyester Printing & Dyeing
High Twist Chiffon, Sateen and Various High Medium Weight Fabrics & Blouse Fabrics

Dyeing Factory (1.5 mil yds/month)
7 units X 800 kgs Jet Dyeing - Hisaka (Japan)
10 units X 350 kgs Jet Dyeing - Hisaka (Japan)

Printing Factory (1.5 mil yds/month)
3 units Ichinose Flat Bed (Japan)
1 unit Stork Rotary (Dutch)





The garment factory established in early 2011. In short time, the factory progression so significant. Only in 1 year, the factory already have 24 lines for production and all buyer so pleased with our factory production output.

Since the order keep increasing, the trading was made to receive and manage all order. With all experinced employee and supported by great management. the trading also grow so fast. Now we have 30 lines to catch buyer needs.

Our company strictly follows all of the Labour Regulations as well as Environment